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Littelfuse Reflowable Thermal Protectors RTP


High Current Reflowable Thermal Protection Mini (HCRTP-MINI) Device is a low-resistance, robust surface mountable thermal protector. It has a set open temperature and can be installed using reliable, lead-free, Surface Mount Device (SMD) assembly and reflow processes.


Capable of high hold current 

Low profile, compact footprint

Low series resistance; DC interrupt voltage capable

AEC-Q200 qualified

Compatible with SMD solder reflow process up to 260°C


Helps prevent failed components from causing damage in case of a thermal event

Allows the use of standard surface-mount production methods so that no special assembly costs are required

Low power dissipation and voltage drop

Supports DC electronic circuits

Enables green design


Automotive HVAC, ABS, power steering, DC/DC converters, diesel heaters, engine cooling fans, body control modules, PTC heaters, etc.

IT servers, telecom power converters, etc. 

Other industrial applications with high demanding environmental, life and reliability requirements

Other DC thermal protection